03 February 2010


Strum underscores a sibling. The heat of its making, a riff, a lick. The Shelf has pranks and philosophies. Stringing one string to another, unblink. Clink of mixed clichés open the English like a fig.


24 November 2009


Scratch (2nd cut)

‘Burb a vicious experiment. Tentative tenements in the crossword. Garage and grocery doors snub birdsong, as if a separate species of closure.

One politic line bleeds into the next. Nobody arrives in the narrative, receives the inevitable, takes endearment right in the kisser.

One monkish audience bleeds into the next (shy collectors, sniped upskirt). The anonymous branch turns to speak.

Vaseline version of self. Airbrush a vacuum; nature has an opinion. Bitten cheek desires to drink.

Congeal, collide, pass in the night. Some structure has been imposed. Flies backward out of sight, out of sightedness. Lapse retired, retried. A twisted wire restraint.

Everything omen bears repeating. Flourishing collections incarnate again, it may yet prove interesting.

Desire authors the uncertain dear. Pill dies becoming.


19 September 2009


Springy shoe blips the stalks, catches flags in action. The march of coppers quiets by frost a stew and dumpling. Breakdown is fueling the supernova. Implosive light, cardinal fishes limp down to sand and up to bright thin air.

04 June 2009


It placed the snow upon the blades. Seep succumbed to blaze. Crack undone, unmade, dissipated into traction as stretch or sieve. Mark rejoined the fray. And then again, and again, and again.

17 March 2009


The aloe sings with the abacus. Chunks of earth blank into some sky, this eastward place of here. Crimp lifts naked where the bomb is quietest. Mandible composes crunch, articulates the magnanimous barb. Nevertheless, there is a rose on the sill. Vermiculite offends the siphon.

22 May 2008


Follow the familiar face. Wash out/derail/dodge at the edges, at the center, everywhere till it doesn't matter. Current to the side, out to sea. My tomatoes will suffer, all seven dozen of them.


19 May 2008


Crass insects infect the void. The trap is to the prey. A collander takes wisps for granted.

07 January 2008


Illustrious is the term for a shining example. "Why does electricity shock people?" "Because it cannot conduct itself." The borders are illuminated by centers which propagate without edges. Mask and freckle make sets to embrace the eyes. The smallest pest is a destiny. Were it winter, flakes could be made of paper, could be cut, relinquished. Imagine them falling, and melting.

04 January 2008


All of the naming is risky business, a precious glaze, an altering varnish. Turntables link sun and sun.


The board is a perfect excuse. Its grain keeps telling. What withers westerly waxes wanton wherever. The xylem primes against foes. The foes are oblivious.

10 December 2007


Clipped hairs ring on market ice. Porous sky hovers with mink and hedgehog locked. The clamour is simmering, mutinous, the tang of a knife. Finds purchase into sacred fog which does not touch the ground.

He carries a lentil until it drowns. He matches wit for carriage. He stomps the erasure, then plants the mark.

28 September 2007


Comment hangs in air, cloud in a glass. Stuffed gibbon ignores the rocker of the chair.


10 September 2007


Sweat is a medium of attention. The color breaks, salt bears miniscule essences, all cherishable. Keratin of a surgeon, claw of cashier. Dust appears to reside on the surface, appears to bear resemblance to similarities that look alike. Caution keeps sweeping under the porch, which is under a swing, which is under the tapestry, which is under you.

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07 September 2007


The mix is fine, she is steamed. Behind, there is no corridor, there is substance. The third bell rung, a horse descended. Peopled and planked. Gulliver had a fantastic time, a ship lost, a ship gained. Amplitude of a wave, the plenitude converged. The middle of the fancy is plain.